Getting your children to brush their teeth can be one of the most boring, frustrating and challenging tasks to do especially for working parents who are just too busy but have to put that task on their agenda in between their busy schedule.  Below is a guide to make brushing their teeth more interesting and fun. Use this guide after visiting your pediatric dentist 

 Set a Good Example

Children love to imitate or repeat what they see other people doing, so what better way to teach them by showing them yourself. Make sure to always brush with them twice a day and even make it a family routine so that it can stick with them. It will help them get to the process, especially how to reach the hard places.

 Educate Them

Educating kids about the importance of healthy teeth can actually make a big difference in their lives. Help them understand the dangers that come when you don’t brush and also the importance of brushing too. You can also ask your dentist to help you by doing some demonstrations when they go for their next appointment.

 Make it a Fun Activity

The majority of children will avoid doing something that looks like a chore and doesn’t seem fun at all. Invent some games that involve brushing their teeth like who can be able to make the most bubbles or come up with a dance which can be done when brushing their teeth. Fun stuff makes everything easier and better, so, start being creative.

 Let Them Choose Their Own Toothbrush

Take them shopping for their own toothbrush which creates a higher chance that they will love using it. Choose a sparkly one or a fun kid designed toothpaste. Also remember that children’s toothbrushes normally come with an electric toothbrush which is not too expensive and will help them get a thorough clean with less manual action. All in all, just make your pediatric dental care fun for everyone!